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Records. The most important thing you can do is document the entire situation by taking careful notes immediately after you have had an accident. This step can make the entire claim process easier for you — and increase your chances of getting all the compensation you’re entitled to. Having notes to remind you of all the details of what happened and what you have been through is much easier and more accurate than relying on your memory.

Write everything down as soon as you can: Start with what you’re doing and where you’re going, the people you’ve been with, the time and the weather. Include every detail of what you have seen, heard and felt. Be sure to add anything you remember when you hear anyone — someone involved in the accident or a witness — talk about the accident.

Finally, make daily notes about the effects of the injury. You may have pain, discomfort, anxiety, insomnia, or other problems that are as invisible or as severe as another injury, but you should claim more. (Learn more about recording after an accident or injury.)

If your car accident injury is substantial or the other party is disputing any aspect of your claim, you can discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. Learn more about how an attorney can help with your auto accident claim.

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